Our Core Services

Virtual Events: If you were planning to have an event and COVID-19 messed you up, do not worry! We’ve got you!

We have done plenty of research and training on virtual events and we know exactly what you need to do to keep your audience engaged, empowered, and entertained.

We handle all elements of Virtual Events i.e.

  • Event Websites
  • Content Landing Pages
  • Speaker Engagement
  • Moderation Services
  • Content Management
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Sponsor Engagement
  • Event Registration
  • Audio/Visual Management
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Program Management
  • Marketing

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If you are looking for a Trustworthy & Transparent Events Planning Company in Kenya to partner with, look no further than Majestic Events. We deliver Flawlessly Executed conferences by coming up with creative concepts, planning budgets & controlling all event costs, adhering to deadlines, selecting & managing suppliers, managing  end to end logistics of the Conference and coordinating speakers and sponsors

We have great relationships with the best hotels in Kenya and we have a good track record of dealing with our clients.

Gala Award Dinners:

Entertain and impress your members every year!

If you are an Association or an Institution that holds Gala Award Dinners every year and you want to give your members an experience they will never forget, then look no further. Majestic Events will develop a concept that will Excite, Energize and Engage your members. From amazing venue suggestions to tasteful cuisines, exceptional design, engaging entertainment activities, and unique awards, we got you!

Let us handle all your event planning logistics so you can focus on the right things – Celebrating and Appreciating your Members.

Product Launches:

It is not just about launching a product, you have to do it with style and flair; after all, it can only be done once.

For the product launch to successfully meet its objectives, it must be in essence an experiential event, engaging the public emotionally and creating a direct channel of communication between the product and the customer’s needs. Our creative team shall work in collaboration with your marketing team, giving advice on strategy and sharing insights acquired from past promotional campaigns. We will design and develop a promotional product that generates the desired buzz and publicity that you are aiming for.

A successfully launched product will always be talked about.

Team Building:

Our team building program is custom-made to identify and meet the specific needs of your organization’s staff. We incorporate experience, reflection, processing, and application into the team building activities giving the participating individuals an all-rounded event. Majestic Events will ensure that your team building event is productive and that the activities are not only fun but also result in teamwork, cohesion, increased team performance, and in the long run improve your organization’s productivity.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

If you are just starting out as an event planner or have a few years of experience or have experience but just need direction, this service is for You !


Our Lead Events Consultant Marion Obura, who has been in the industry for over 10 years hosts ‘The Event Planners Workshop’ which is an interactive & practical workshop that addresses the pain points that Event Planners go through, for example, growing from being self-employed to a business owner. The workshops enable planners to create workable action plans and learn strategies in the Operations, Marketing, and Financial aspects of their business.

We ensure that we give planners enough time to implement what they learned during the workshop before they attend another workshop.

Individual Sessions

One to one consultations are also available for event planners who prefer individual sessions or want further help after the workshops. These sessions allow planners to really open up about their event planning struggles thereby allowing them to get more tailor-made solutions.

Let Marion Obura hold your hand and walk you through the journey of growing your Event Planning Business.


For those who have crazy schedules and do not have the time to look for a gift for a loved one or a client, this is for you

If you need a gift hamper for Valentine’s day, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays or just want to say Thank you to someone, Majestic Events is here to help you.


If you just got engaged and have no idea where to start, Majestic Events wedding planners will sort you out. We are passionate about weddings and totally understand how to manage the stress of planning weddings through our tried and tested wedding planning documentation’. If you are too busy to plan your own wedding or you are not in Kenya and are looking for someone on the ground to handle everything for you, our trustworthy Majestic Wedding Planners are here to hold your hand and walk the journey with you.